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A Thanksgiving Prayer

Grateful am I to the Divine

For this time in my life

When up with the dawn I rise 

Undisturbed and quiet.

I sit by the prayer window facing east,

Looking out far into the sky.

Behind the dark silhouette 

Of the many pine trees

The tender tips of the rays of the sun

Begin to announce its arrival

By slowly diffusing the firmament

With the most, gentle colors for now!

The few stars still glimmer away.

They seem to bow to this great One,

As they retire and retreat from my sight.

Another day is thus given to me,

To make life just simply better,

For each and therefore everyone.

Rising then to meet the challenges yet to come

Armed with the ever smiling and seeing face

Of the Rising Sun.



Vasanti, Nov18 2017, Petaluma

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