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Local Haiku 


Please note that haikus are to be read twice to get the full impact.


1. Worthy of Worship ( When I walk to McNear School)


233, 8th St.

Old Pepper Tree has faces

I cannot avoid !


2. Unwanted Hitchhikers


My  yard, full of burrs

Silent hitchhikers, watching

Hitch rides on my soles


3. Conspiracy


Every time I turn

Tugging at the garden hose

Looking back, it's stuck !


4. Resilient Tree  (By the Electric box near the School Board offices. This tree gets cut each year and yet-)


Again and again

From a concrete crack, fearless

A Paulownia tree grows.


5. Mystery ( A hallway corner, upstairs in my house)


Circling a corner

Dust settles, seems forever

All around is clean.


Read at the Aqus Café-Rivertown Poetry Evening, Petaluma, Dec 2, 2019

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