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It is Time For Russianism


It is time that the land

The home of sweet Snegurochka

Where Lady Snow rules

Where the earth fragrant with chamomile

Responds to the thump of the Cossacks.


The land where the oldest animal worshipped

Still growls and roams

Where ballerinas slide like fairies

Across the smooth theater floor.


Home of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky

Who wielded their pens

Where the music of Tchaikovsky and Korsakov 

Reached the far corners of the world. 


Where the skies display

Multi colored onion domes

That reach up to the heavens above,

Where scary Baba Yaga witch

And the enchanting Fire Bird

Manage to scare the kids.


Where Tzarism gave way

With great pains to Communism

Which claiming to care for its citizens

Only bred a series of oligarchs.

I dream of a Russia

Where bereft of all previous “ isms”

She come into her own

Reflecting the best of her heritage

Neither European nor Asian

It is time, for Russianism, I feel. 


Alpharetta, Georgia, July 2022

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