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In The Arena of Love Divine


Ah, will you not wake up from your deep sleep? - Yunus Emre




Will you not wake wake up from your deep sleep?


Look! The caravan has already departed.


We are all left on top of the mountains.


The town criers are announcing their departure.


Do you not believe that the caravans are departing?


Emr- Haj has left (in time), this world long ago.


Muhammed is (though still) available to the world as a prophet.


This path is difficult and one cannot go alone.


See that you sing like a nightingale in the garden of the friend.


See that you carry the load of all good deeds.


See that you arrive at the caravan of God.


Yunus why did you come to this world?


By night and day let us call the name of God.


While on the road did you not encounter the friend of God?


Look the caravan of Love has already departed.


We are all left on top of the mountain.



Here is a message for those who are lethargic to moving forward in the spiritual path. The deep sleep of ignorance keeps one away from seeing the impermanence of life. Caravan refers to the many who are already on the move having taken to the path below the mountain. All travelers in the caravan have the same destination to get to. One cannot proceed on a path as long as one, is on top of a mountain. Perhaps mountain refers to a life that is secure, comfortable yet isolated. The poet seems to console by stating that one will not be alone in this path because others are there too.


In bygone days when the haj was undertaken, there would be a commander termed the Amir al Hajji, whose duties were to secure funds and provisions for the pilgrims. He would make sure that the pilgrims were protected throughout the entire journey. Even though no such leader like that exists anymore, while undertaking this difficult spiritual journey, the poet assures us that prophet Muhammed will be there in spirit to assist.


While on this path one must be a seeker like the nightingale and sing( praise) in the Friend’s Garden. The garden may refer to the collection of caravan travelers, all making the same journey. The load that is being carried safely is the collection of all good deeds. This is the Caravan of God that one is advised to travel.


In the last verse Yunus is really asking each one of us to question why we are here in this world. It is better to repeat again and again aphorisms of the Truth. If you have not met the prophet ( Friend of God) on this path, it means you are still on top of the mountain and the caravan is gone.


Ah nice bir uyursun, uyanmaz mısın?

Ah nice bir uyursun, uyanmaz mısın?
Göçtü kervan kaldık dağlar başında.
Çağrışır tellallar inanmaz mısın?
Göçtü kervan, kaldık dağlar başında.

Emr-i hac göçeli hayli zamandır,
Muhammed cümleye dindir, imandır.
Delilsiz gidilmez, yollar yamandır,
Göçtü kervan, kaldık dağlar başında.

Bülbül olup dost bağında ötegör
İyi amellerle yükün tutagör
Efendimin kervânına yetegör
Göçtü kervân kaldık dağlar başında

Yunus sen bu dünyaya niye geldin?
Gece gündüz Hakk'ı zikretsin dilin.
Enbiyaya uğramaz ise yolun,
Göçtü kervan, kaldık dağlar başında.



Ah, Will You Wake Up From Your Deep Sleep?
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