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An Apology to The Celestials

An Apology to the Celestials

They say, inhabitants of the earth,

Witness cataclysmic disasters,

Individuals feel a shake up,

When planets align a different way.

Besides the seven that govern each day,

The nodes of the moon, two that is,

Are placed into a system,

Nava-grahaas. the Nine Grippers,

Astrology, Indian style.

A human’s life is partitioned into cycles,

Each one governed by one gripper.

When one subsides the other rises.

Man, then unknowingly,

Is subject to its sway.

The glorious sun announces the day.

Birds chirp happily with the light.

At dusk when he retires, they chirp again

This time in frenzy, before they retire. 

Waxing and waning the cool moon

Orders her brother, the ocean,

To move forward and back.


She lays the rod that measures,

The creative cycle of the woman.

The grippers affect the flora, 

The fauna and also man.

The ancients knew of this truth.

That they are truly sisters

And brothers to the earth.

A family that moves in an orbit. 

Each one twirling and rotating,

Perfectly around the great sun,

According to a system ordained, 

When? No one really knows!

Man’s curiosity unbound,

Knows not when to stop.

We have already raped the earth,

For much more than what we needed.

Sitting atop the ladder of evolution

All that we have achieved, 

Has yielded, not an iota,

Of genuine Real Living.

A life that maintains harmony, 

With all aspects of creation.


Much needs to be done, right here.

Man has decided to turn his head away.

Instead, he has stretched the tentacles of greed,

To hoarding outer space and the planets,

Disguised in the name of scientific exploration,

Colored by wanton curiosity.

Do we care whether the grippers,

Are affected by our explorations?

We need to abandon the concept of the ladder.

Better to think of concentric circles

Everything in creation moves,

In their own space, own time and orbit.

There is no question of animate and inanimate.

There is no power play here.

The proof is in calamities.

An unseen evolution continues therefore.

A truth we should keep in mind.

Perhaps then we may see the light of wisdom

And mindfully walk the path of caution.


 Petaluma, August 2021

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