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My dear ones,

As each day passes,

This heart weighs heavy

Being pulled by the numbers 

Of the many taken by surprise!

Belief and faith in the divine,

Though seated permanently in my core

The great question still remains,why?

What collective Karma laws 

Operate here with a Force so unbeatable ?

I ask the Catal Huyuk mother, 

The queen sitting on the throne

Guarded by fierce lions.

The deity who reigns in my kitchen

The One who receives my adoration

After the stove is lit, first in the morn.

Will this minute individual’s prayer

Make a  vital difference ? 

How will I ever know?

But pray I must even as my breath

Heaves up and down with sorrow.


To my beloved ones who habit a land, I passionately am in love with, Turkiye  






Sunday Feb 12 2023

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