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The Thread of La ilahe illallah


Leaving the session, and all of you

Only to stand before the window,

A witness to my early morning prayers,

As I face the East and the Sun, each day.

The thread of the unshakeable now continues.

The silent, ongoing chant of

La ilahe illallah. 

The open eyes fall upon a man. 

The steps he traces as he walks,

Fits right into the same rhythm.

The crow flying above,

Flaps its wings in tune.

The trees sway back and forth,

In an effortless zikr.

The blower from the furnace,

Aids with its breath, in and out.

The shining rims of a passing car

Turns in sync, like in a sema,

Proclaiming the One that is, 

And will always be. 


Petaluma, Feb 15 2021

enlarged amabahouse main strip
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