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Release your silent inner Peace


Within each one of us,

Hidden in the depths,

Though dormant for a while,

Is a sense of silent inner Peace.


The world today is wrought,

In strife, sorrow and hate,

Turning the blue marble,

Into a ruddy ball.

Yet all of that is outside,

For within each one of us,

Is that silent inner Peace.


Princess Dearly Beloved,

With her extended delicate arm,

Bearing the five units of power,

Reminds us to seek within.

To draw out the “OM’,

Then spread the “HU” everywhere,

By freeing, eager peace- loving cranes,

That can fly far above and wide.


Flapping their wings

Stirring the very air we breathe,

Bringing down to the Earth,

The power of Peace.

The basic nature of

The Human kind.




June 3 2024

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