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In The Arena of Love Divine


At the time of dawn, in the morning- Kul Himmet




At the time of dawn, in the morning

I saw Ali.

I rested my face on his knees

I saw Ali.


I saw the Lion in the oak tree

Forty candles in one holder

In the seven seasons and the four corners

I saw Ali.

I saw the Lion at that time

Amidst the roses in the vineyard

Then seeing Moses and Mount Tur

I saw Ali.

Standing at Heaven’s door

The one who seals the lock

Wielding the sword against Yazid

I saw Ali.

The beautiful mountains instill enthusiasm

My Kul Himmet is full of love

I thus prostate to the ground,

To the Bravest of all the Brave ones

I saw Ali.



Kul Himmet who followed the Alevi- Bektashi traditions describes a vision that reflects his intense devotion and love for the son in law of Prophet Muhammed, Hazret Ali. In the early hours of dawn when in deep meditation, he sees Ali and takes refuge in him. Ali was considered a lion of a man not only in battle but also in his devotion to the Prophet and the first to take to Islam. He was a champion of the downtrodden. The term Aslan therefore is an oft used name for Ali. In the knotted trunk of the oak tree, a symbol of power and victory, Kul Himmet sees the face of Ali. In one single personage of Ali, Kul Himmet sees the entire hierarchy of Islamic saints, forty in number. Time and Space do not confine his presence as Kul Himmet sees Ali everywhere and throughout the movement of time.

Traditionally roses were planted around vineyards and to Himmet these flowers indicate the presence of Ali. Going back in time, he sees Ali as present at the spot when Moses received the Torah on Mount Tur. Heaven is barred to the evil caliph Yazid, who murdered Ali’s son, Huseyn. Himmet sees that the gates of Heaven are locked and sealed, in front wielding the Zulfikar sword is Ali, himself. The poet is exuberant with love for Hazret Ali, for even as he looks at the beautiful and lofty mountains surrounding him, he is reminded of the Mountain of a Man, Hazret Ali and so overcome with humility and devotion he prostrates on the ground to the bravest of the brave.



Sabahın seher vaktinde
Ali’yi gördüm Ali’yi
Yüzümü dizine sürdüm
Ali’yi gördüm Ali’yi

Aslanı gördüm meşede
Kırk mum yanar bir şişede
Yedi iklim dört köşede
Ali’yi gördüm Ali’yi

Aslanı gördüm çağında
Güller açar bağında
Musa ile Tur Dağı’nda
Ali’yi gördüm Ali’yi

Cennet kapısında duran
Kilidin mührünü vuran
Yezide kılıcın çalan

Ali’yi gördüm Ali’yi

Yüce dağlar çoşkun çoşkun
Kul Himmet’im aşka düşkün
Cümle yerde erden üstüm,

Ali’yi gördüm Ali’yi


At The Time Of Dawn
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