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A Graduate's Message

Good evening, Cali family! My name is Priya Jayaswal and I want to say a few words about my experience at Cali Calmecac Language Academy. First, I would like to start with a quote:


“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance”. – Eckhart Tolle.


In my 9 years at Cali, I’ve noticed that we have innumerable things to be grateful for at this school. If you look around, you’ll find a family-like community that has stood together through many hardships, such as wildfires, political challenges, and a pandemic.


You’ll also find students who have been given the rare gift of learning two languages. At this school, we are immersed in two rich cultures and customs. We are constantly surrounded by students of all ages and grades, therefore we’re able to see different perspectives on life and school. We are also able to form strong relationships with our peers and teachers, due to the long time we were together.


Cali is an exceptional place to be educated because not only do we finish bilingual and biliterate, but we’ve worked and succeeded together, and continue to support each other every day, but every day. We have this wonderful school to feel grateful for, but every day I also feel grateful for my friends and family who have further contributed to my wonderful school experience.


Today, as we graduate, we should take this sense of gratitude with us to the next stage of our academic careers and let it fill us with happiness whenever we reflect back on our time at Cali. Be grateful for these gifts.


Delivered on 8th grade graduation day, June 3, 2022


Cali Calmecac Language Academy, Windsor, California

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