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Keeping up with the Jones

A long time ago it began

Self motivated it was then

No compulsion from outside.

That very same urge now

Has a new dimension

Stimuli from our inventions

The PC and now the cell

Our constant companions

Aided by Alexa and more.

They remind us all the time

You fail if you don’t upgrade !


The upgrade makers and takers

Have one thing in common

Of encouraging a stagnancy

In the evolution of the essential Man.

Facebook, twitter and instagram

Have replaced living interactions.

User id and passwords 

Now dominate all transactions.

Communication is no longer

With our own handwriting 

Nor is it with living speech

Emails and texting being the preferred writ.


I wonder what would happen

If half the energy expended

Into upgrades all technical

Be turned towards our behavior?

More time would then be spent

On deliberate thoughts and wishes

In upgrading our nature

To become a better Man.

We would then be living 

More in a solid present

Aware that we are only 

A part not apart

From the rest of creation.


Petaluma August 2022

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