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My Teachers of The Divine

Again that day is coming close
When travellers revere those souls
Who shine Light on their weary paths
With wisdom from the yore.
Modern life with all its strains
To the traveller all seems in vain
Had it not been for echoes
Resounding the teachers Do-s and Dont-s
Providing rails to grab and go.
I only know that I have moved
When I look back to see where I lived.
The journey not complete as yet
For still I have to go and go.
These fingers ten come together again
Holding within this token gem
Of gratitude, for all the strength
Gained from even a moment
Of wisdom gained from Them.
This token substance of transaction,
Divided and shared for all of You,
From a housewife’s bin,
In no way reflecting
The greatness of the Teachings,
Is brought to You, all good teachers of mine,
To make it a blessed full moon night
on Jul 2 - when gurupurnima is in sight

Vaasanti Gopinath Jayaswal
June 17 2004

enlarged amabahouse main strip
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