Mystic Music Dimensions

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Music and readings from Turkish mystics, Zoom session (60 minutes)


Conducted by Vasanti Jayaswal once a month.


Come join us in a spirit of devotion and enjoy the consecrated and healing thoughts, given by the tasavvuf aşıks (mystic poets) of Turkey.  Their poems have been rendered into ilahis, songs that cover every struggle, experienced by seekers of the divine. Set to melodies based on makams, classical melodic patterns of Turkey, we see strains of the East and the West flowing gracefully, into a single stream. During the Ottoman period these melodies were employed in clinics to cure the afflicted. No matter what faith you follow, the messages in these poems are bound to strum vibrations of similar feelings in you.


There are no conversations that precede before and after the session. Participants who wish, can send in a brief biodata to Vasanti to be included in the MYSTIC MUSIC CIRCLE BRIEFS. So that all know who you are. Each session begins with a Tovbe, then Tekbir and Salatul Nebi as rendered in the Mevlevi tarikah. Yunus Emre’s favorite prayer is recited followed by a healing zikr that concludes the program. Participants who wish, may remain in meditation for the remaining time. In these sessions the Turkish recitations of the poems will be read by Elif Ozhan and the English translations of the poems by Aisha Morgan. This is followed by Vasanti’s singing of the corresponding ilahis. One makam is selected for each month.   Brief notes on the poets, makams and selected subjects are sent a few days ahead.


Vasanti has attended workshops conducted by musicologist Dr. Timucin Cevicoglu. Dr. Osman Oksuzoglu provides guidance in the music when needed. She has had the fortune of attending workshops in whirling and zikrs conducted by Postneshin Jelaluddin Efendi Loras of Konya, head of the Mevlevi Order of America. Since 2015 Vasanti has conducted mystical dimension music and poetry sessions in Sonoma County. In India she has conducted discourses on Turkish Mystic music titled " The Rose and the Nightingale". In 2015 she went on a 27day solo pilgrimage to Turkey, where she dwelved in her interest in music and archaeology. Her book “A lotus in love with the Rose” is planned to be completed in 2021. Vasanti has had extensive training in traditional Classical Indian Vocal Music from age 7 to 20 and has composed music for her choreography in Indian classical and folkdance performances, while directing the Kalamandiram Academy of Arts in Los Angeles, from 1980 to 2003.  For more information on her background, current projects and works: Of particular interest in the site are poems under Mystic Turkey, Journal- Pilgrimage to Turkey and the essay, “How I found Yunus Emre”. 


The only indescribable presence worth remembering and reminding oneself at any or all times, and in all situations is the Presence of the Divine. 


“La ilahe illallah” 


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And to Allāh belongs the east and the west. So, wherever you turn, there is the Face of Allāh. Indeed, Allāh is all-Encompassing and Knowing.




Bhajan Sessions

Bhajan Sessions, Zoom session (60 minutes)


Conducted by Vasanti Jayaswal once a month




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