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The Flower

With palms folded
Slowly rising upwards
The tender frame supporting a tender heart
Naïve to the journey it is about to take
Struggling against odds
Often tossed about by winds supreme
It cared not
For the “upward path” called from afar.

Once, the Sun shone on it
It knew not what it felt
But open up it did
Its petals one by one,
Revealing a core divine, yet so soft.

Soon it learned to bear the heat
Of its Solar Companion
Day by day it waited Its rise
Night by night its repose
It felt the Sun was there for it, of course!

Soon it found itself among the many,
Its own and then some more
Its frame toughened, thus believing
It whirled and turned alone
For its Companion was there, was it not
Seen yet unseen?

Then came along, that one fine day
When the shine was there no more
All that was left
Was this one faded flower
That thought the Sun had adored!

Sept 18 2006
Santa Rosa

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