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A Nation's Salvation

This nation's salvation
Lies not in blind liberalism,
Nor in misplaced sympathy.
Neither does it lie in ruthless conservatism
Nor in disguised racist and religious separations.

The tight corporate belt must be loosened,
The dollar, coal and oil no longer "the gods".
The gun slinging hand put to rest,
The forked tongue severed.
A genuine love for Mother Earth must be cultivated
Her resources and inhabitants carefully protected.

Indeed, the world looks up to this nation.
A nation that has been exporting arms to the world,
Encouraging warfare and subjugation of non- American ways.
Yet the Universe expects better and more...

To keep America, great
The work must begin from within.
Starting with the characters elected to the top.
Leaders they must be, fit to be emulated.
Setting a pace, mindful of this nation's great role
In representing and fostering the best of Man.

Her citizens one and all
Should learn not to be a silver fish,
Stuck in the many Books of Faith.
We must answer calls that go beyond,
All saving to be done by our own deeds, thoughts and words.
The responsibility not that of any saint, savior or prophet.
Rising above race, economic, and hierarchical positions,
We must remain strong and bound truly, as " One Nation".



Feb. 12 2017

enlarged amabahouse main strip
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