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1. When Prof. A A speaks
2. First day, First Poem
3. Is There A Joke Here?

4. As I leave Ellaada

5. The Parthenon

6. Elefsina

7. That Silence

8. Why


1. It is Time For Russianism*

2. Global Communication

3. A Crisis, Foretold

4. Democracy rests on a Bier
5. #45's Administration
6. A Nation's Salvation
7. Joy at the Polls
8. Oct 31- Election Sorrows

9. Animal Theater

10. This White House Administrations Daily Prayer


1. Upgrades*

2. Worship of Man*



5. Covid Becomes a Real Selfie

6. An Apology to The Celestials

7. Religion
8. Swear by the Book
9. Keeping Vigil
10. Song of the Soul
11. Never the Same
12. Today
13. Who Really Falls in Love?
14. Why Should I Believe and Worship?
15. My Teachers of the Divine
16. The Crystal of Bliss
17. The Creek
18. The Weary Soul
19. From Where to Where
20. The Cloud and the Hill
21. Claim your Birthright Divine
22. The Market Place
23. The One Clay
24. Transparency in Love
25. My Role

26. A Thanksgiving Prayer

27. The Black Earth


1. Petaluma River Park-Haikus*

2. Dear Young Ones

3. A New Breed of Drivers in Petaluma

4. Early Morning
5. Dusk settles on Ellis Creek
6. Every Tuesday

7. Local Haiku


1. Karma-Turkiye*

2. Seyreyleyip Vandım Mah Cemaline Reflections

3. Mahur
4. Istanbul, to Many a Mother and to Me, too
5. The Flag of Turkey
6. Don't Ask Me Why
7. Ilahi Singing
8. An Ashik Maybe
9. The Eyes That Droop With Love Sublime
10. A Third Door Opens

11. The Dream of Dreams

12.The Thread of La ilahe illallah


1. War Paint*

2. INDIA Versus The US - Two Haikus

3. Earning My Coffee

4. A Puzzle
5. A Wish
6. Accepting a Student
7. Westward Ho for Efficiency
8. Reflections - A Hundred Masterworks of photographer Edward S. Curtis
9. The Flower
10. If Only I Could
11. The Floodgates of Love
12. How it Feels

13. What Can I Say?

14. The Other Side of America


These English translations of selected Malayalam poems of the great social
activist and conservationist from Kerala- Sugatha Kumari have been rendered by
Vasanti Ji into English. In addition, she composed the melodies for the original
Malayalam songs which she choreographed for Kalamandiram Academy students and
rendered them in Kerala Natanam dance form. The students performed for OHM-
Organization of Hindu Malayalees, in Los Angeles.

"Thannuttha poonthanal veeshi" Ode to The Tree

"Snehatthinu niramundo?" Is there a color for Love?
" Oru svapnam " A Dream
" Ammaa" Mother

enlarged amabahouse main strip
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