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Dusk Settles on Ellis Creek

Blue scalp, with fleecy combed hair
Winding road, seems to lead nowhere
Blackbirds, show off their red
To their mates, before they go to bed
Baby geese, across they stride
Parents, sentinels on side
Wounded bird, hops up and down
For a while, it rests on the ground
Cattails, point to the sky
Holding on, before they burst with joy
Giant trees, sieving the wind
Make believe, the ocean’s din
Butterflies, take their final sip
Not knowing, tomorrow if they’ll live
Sacred circles formed by sacred geese
Nodding to each other, silent chants indeed
Fennel feathers, so delicate and sweet
Wave to me, my journey to keep
Dusk settles on Ellis Creek
While I make my hasty retreat
All of Nature, proclaim to me
“I am here, for you to read
Take care, of me, then you’ll see
I’ll take care of you, yes, constantly!”

June 8 2010

enlarged amabahouse main strip
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