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Every Tuesday

Shollenberger, how must I greet you
Every Tuesday when the sun shines bright
Must I be like the mustard flowers
That sway in abandon to the Gap.*
The black and white swans sift with grace
From dawn until dusk for their food
So too should my thoughts and moves
Be in tune with the rays of love divine.
When the garter snake crossed my path
What made me stop and look down below
Isnt it the same smiling force from above
That makes the copper penny call on me.
Hidden well amidst the bright green rushes
A language flourishes in Ellis Creek
May be such beauty will reveal itself
Only when I learn to talk in secrecy.

Petaluma, your waters are so muddy
Yet why do you beckon constantly
Do you see in me a kinship of a kind
Thus assuring my base to turn to gold.
Your waters are still ne’er too long
For move and move that you must
With the tide lashing on to the human
And the ebb flowing to the divine.
So indeed muddy thou shall always be
This karma you have willingly taken on
For you’re the only one I can see
Remaining human yet so full of the divine.

*Gap- referring to the regular movements of the wind called the Petaluma Gap.

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