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Never The Same

Walking my cares away
I will walk till I drop.
Watching the ducks at play
I will watch till I’m lost.
Picking pebbles as I go
One by one, I will drop.
Creatures in harmony
Sing to me as to who I am.
I pay no heed to them
For I care not to be.
Raising my head to the skies
I see clouds fleeing by.
I hear the call of a bird
One I’ve been missing many a day.
Futile are your pleas, birdie
To try to keep my tears away.
As if to console my mind
Those flickers fly right in front of me.
Today their sounds only serve
Like hammer blows to a heart that bleeds.
For the tears that rise in my eyes
Find their way to only the inside.
I cry not for hurts
Nor for losses caused by man.
My agonies come from planes far above
That no one else understands.
Only my inner eye
Is the sentry on duty.
No one will ever know
Why my love and sorrow
Are mine and mine alone
Never to be the same as yours.

Nov. 3 2009
Foothill Regional Park, Windsor (When the icon was held in SFO)

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