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Is There a Joke Here?

Yes, there is a joke in this trip
That hit its peak
As I entered the Megaron
The hotel for me
To stay in Crete.
Grandeur issued from everywhere
As this " simple one" walked in.
How can this a pilgrimage be ?
I ask again and again
As luxury surrounds me.
Needs , that I have not,
Who anticipated them falsely?
People walk in and out
Well suited to this place,
For fun or for business
That was their trade.
A trade? I have none.
Only a response
To a deep call from within.
Oh boy, am I totally out of place !
Yet all is fixed
Here I will have to stay.
The pilgrimage mind I know,
Will never leave me,
Even here, in Kriti.
Oh Maia, help me.
Demeter, even through the halt
In this path
May the steps I have to take
To get to you,
Let it be.




Iraklion, Kriti.
Oct 17 2016

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