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The Flag of Turkey

What is it about this flag
That flutters in the wind and speaks to me?
Is it the warmth of the color red
Or the moon and star, the celestials sweet ?

High above the Urfa castle
Against the backdrop of the sky
Allowing the wind to play its games
And letting it flow through all its fibrous veins.

At night when all is quiet
The castle shines with set up lights.
The sky now dark shows up the red
The deep hue of a rich past.
To one lying alone
A sense of comfort and warmth.

To me it says in a reassuring way
" I am there for you through the night."
Vigilant yet quietly waving with grace.
Still, only for a moment when I am awake.




Hotel Manici
Sanliurfa, Turkey
May 8 2015

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