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An Ashik*? Maybe

As ashik? May be.
A sufi? I am not.
A 20th century sufi?
Certainly I'm not.
A change of name notice
You'll never ever see
An insult to the Two
Who birthed me to be.
Gratitude alone to them
Will suffice you see.
Yet another chance
To clear my karmic leftovers
Is what they gave to me.

Oh, Abrahamic people
Ever wonder why He chose
The first out of Ten
Honor your Folks?

Not new, not old, ever present
Not dressed or marked by symbols
That Love, encompassing, abiding
With each look, touch and word
So simple, is its feeding
Anytime, anywhere, anyway.

Like a bee that goes
From flower to flower
I sip the Elixir from the Source
I've come to love so much.

Like the sands of the desert
I am broken and spread thin
To catch every single drop
Of the waters from within.

Like an ancient book
Whose pages flutter with the wind
Each chapter having written
The next one begins.

I walk with a broom
Held to my back
The steps that I take
Are swept up, ever so fast.

My head in the clouds
And my feet deeply rooted
Never a burden to the earth
Nor ever, to the parts of the Whole.
Bound outside, keeping in time
Happy with the rules of the Law Divine.
Free inside, to tete-a- tete
Unbound, unfettered to graze with the kine*.

Bathing in many rivers
Leaving no trace behind
The baggage getting lighter
The Light now, ever so brighter.

To know me is, to not box me
Within a path, a belief or culture.
Even for a moment as we meet
It is You I honor, not me!

* ashik = Turkish word for a mystic lover of the Divine
* kine = plural for cows

Petaluma Dec 20 2012

enlarged amabahouse main strip
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