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Happy 165th Birthday, Petaluma!

Petaluma was officially incorporated as a charter city on April 12, 1858...making us one of California's oldest -- and greatest -- cities. We rose to prominence as the egg basket of the world, and remain a vibrant center of agriculture, viticulture, and unparalleled natural beauty. We also think we happen to have the very best people anywhere!

One of these is Vasanti Jayaswal, who loves Petaluma so much that each year, on Petaluma's birthday, she brings a special cake and note of gratitude to city hall. Vasanti moved to Petaluma in 2009 -- drawn to its affinity with her personal and cultural values -- and thinks of it as her true home since leaving India, stating, “I feel like I was given a place on my mother’s lap.” Vasanti is an active volunteer across Petaluma, and we are so grateful to have her in our community.

That's why the Petaluma City Council proclaimed that April 12, 2023, is officially Vasanti Jayaswal Day in Petaluma! Today we're celebrating not just our city's heritage, but Vasanti's contributions: her pride in Petaluma, her commitment to giving back, and the joy she takes in our community.


May we all be a little more like Vasanti today!

Friends and Family

John Crowley and Greg Mitchell, the two who introduced Vasanti to the community and welcomed her to the neighborhood respectively

The Source

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