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The Cloud and The Hill

Down, down, down comes one single cloud
Heeding the call from down below
All other clouds have gone far away
But a single one dared and stayed behind.

Just like a crown it circles the peak
Of the hill so green and tall
Having won its trust and love
The cloud kept going down below.

How does it feel, hill, so green and tall
To be clothed in the warm raiment
Of the fairy white of the cloud
That came down to its love below.

Was this a trap set by the hill
Was this a deal with Mother Earth
To milk the waters from the source
That came from heaven to down below.

As I kept moving to’ards the hill
I was soon one with the cloud
I knew not then where I stood
All I felt was wet and wild.

May 10 2009
While watching a hill near Shiloh Park

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