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Democracy Rests On a Bier

Hang down your head all Americans
Hang down your head and cry
Hang down your head true Americans,
For we've been betrayed by 45.

Lower the flag oh USA
Lower the flag real low
Lower the flag in deep sorrow
For Democracy rests on a bier.

We have no choice oh loyal ones
We have no real choice
Loyal to the country if we are
Democracy needs our CPR.

Beware now folk we have a Cult
It's head office is in the White House
The sheep and lemmings are being led
By a David, Osho, Jones, rolled in One

Grand Ol ' Party where are you ?
Are good members still around ?
The Two Party system will surely work
In One Sweat lodge just made for the Two.

Our fore-fathers are aghast
Seeing the country being dragged, So
Let's bring back Love, Law and Truth,
Vote Democrats, back into power.

A restoration is being called for
A balance in governance
The only way I see it happen
Is to raise Blue on par with the Red

The ballot is our only, last resort
The might is in our hands
Oh you Red, Blue and theColorless,
Democrats need your power.





July 16, 2018

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