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Westward Ho for Efficiency

Westward ho for efficiency
Towards the East for true love
Not the carnal kind I mean
That bill boards, magazines scream.
It’s the simple spreading love
With a fragrance from above
Shared between the small and big
Much more than that coupled love!
Basket of blooms so ready to shed
The common jasmine in every smile
To the exotic rose that sweetens the clime.

That teasing kind of special love
When will the West ever know?
Whose only humour lies in
Riding on the other, rendered low.
Here in the East such loving pokes
Makes the woman know her beauty
The man of his duty
The mother, oh so motherly.

Family ties tightly woven
With a love that yields with ease
Eastern love is certainly not measured
No, not by the clock or the dollar
Sacrifice is part of living
Growing larger with the giving
Not expecting, only delivering.
My space, your space, my time, your time
Hello there West, ready for a lack of that?

May be an epitome of efficiency
While living in the West
But when visiting the East
I cuddle in that Love’s Nest.

Oh traveler from the East
Would you bring a packet of that
So I may like a medicine man
Blow it here, into the Western air
Tiny seeds of such true love
Surely someday all will sprout!

enlarged amabahouse main strip
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