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Keeping Vigil

Who am I to keep a vigil?
For whom am I waiting for?
When the one, the pure and pristine*
Is already within.
The one that wont let me go
Far away from him.
The vigil has been kept.
The lamp has been lit.
The wick of recognition has been burning
With the oil of love encompassing.
To set apart time
From Time* itself, say how?
The Witness mode* is stuck
The ‘OFF’ no longer to be seen.
Does the Kinetic* wait on the Static*?
Does the Static need to be served?
Or is that both, in intimate permanence
Are to be mutually adored
Through Creation, where I am within?
‘So am I’ ‘So am I’*
In and out, the precious breath
That keeps this engine running
On tracks to its final destination
Bends towards the pure, the pristine within
And in doing so, all is dark and quiet
Within the comforting bosom of Mother Night*.

pure and pristine = Shiva
Time = Kaala, an epithet of Shiva
Witness mode = Saakshi chaitanya bhaava
Kinetic and Static = Prakriti and Purusha
So am I = SOHAM, the inaudible mantra involved in inhalation and exhalation often called ajapa gaayatri
Mother Night = Raatri, the Vedic Divinity

enlarged amabahouse main strip
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