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The Parthenon

Lingering last looks at the dominant edifice

Rising all above else.

Columns growing it seems from the hill itself.

Upwards, reaching to the skies.

They say,  that in sacred hills and mounts

Mystical beings and spirits reside.

Invisible they are to the naked eye. 

If so, hear my call, ye all.

Lend your spiritual "arms" to this city.


Looking around I see more mountains

Circling this city as it were,

With very few gaps in between.

I am addressing you, oh ye mountains.

This height and power that you have gained

Spans ever so many, many years.

Come, rise higher in spirit now

Shake loose your inert , dead sleep.

Allow those forces to rise again

That were there aeons ago.

For the Life -Line of Ellada

Trembles from within

Manifest it here and now !


Helios, your shine is falling now on me

Like a young, robust man of the dawn.

What say you,  send your penetrating rays

Into those that would make the difference,

To this city and its spread ?

Make it great and glorious again.


The air waves now filled with noises 

From the movings down below

The streets full of vehicles

Rushing to and fro.

The air above threaded with streams

Of foreign tunes and words

Non- Greek and therefore unsuited to me.

Why, every time Michaelis calls himself Mike

And Bassiliki is known as Becky,

Know that an unseen drop in Ellinika

Has taken place in their psyche.

The greatest pollution that needs to be feared,

Is from the fumes of cultureless cultures,

Robotic and lethal in every imaginable way.


Athina, virgin warrior divine

Your vigor pours into championing heroes,

Rescuing the distressed, in so many disguises,

Engaging in battles for the right.

Do not hide in statues, paintings and so forth

Not even in the letters that hold your name.

Instead,  use every weapon that the Greeks have

Whether they be rich or poor

To defend the Ellada of today.

Strike your palms on your thighs

Twang your bow far and wide

So each and everyone 

Subject to the deafening sounds

For act they must, no more lying low

Not just to reclaim, but more

To further the glory of their past

Weave it into the present

A fabric then, new and bold !

The land whose wise and bold ones

Gave to the rest of the world

Treasures, too many to count.

Treasures to reach the stars

To rule the land

To connect with nature

To heal the sick

To codify, classify and analyze,

Essentially all that one needs

To make life worth living.


Here they say to all of us

The greatest truth, testing time and space

That, indeed " Creation never began."

Here is where the naked truth

Was revealed in all art forms

 " That God was made in the image of man."

Here is where the marauders found fit to explode

Beliefs, temples and clans galore.

But,  here thrives, by Athina's grace

Old olive trees,  to the earth, well rooted.

And Aphrodite's white doves

Ply trails up in the sky.

Both proclaiming peace on earth and above

The way no man really can.

Where words accompanied by gestures

Flow together in harmony,

Which reminds us all,

That here humanity still abides.

For the sunlight that shines here, like nowhere else

Leaves a mark so distinct

For Ellada's future, so bright !



Oct.23 2017

Athens Gate Hotel, Athens


Read at Rivertown Poets Night, Dec 4 2017

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