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"Thannuttha Poonthanal Veeshi" Ode to The Tree


Whose canopied crown spreads up and wide

Wafting the cool ,shady breezes

To you oh Tree, we bow.

Like the blue throated Lord Shiva

You consume poison to give us the life giving air

To you oh Tree, we bow.

Giver of rain and coolness

Bearer of fruits to assuage hunger

The cure for many an ailment

The toy that brings forth the childhood laughter

The stick that supports the infirmity of old age

To you oh Tree, we bow.

You are the woven cradle, and the bed of royalty

The peaceful, final resting place for us on the pyre

You are the steadfast friend that showers endless mercy.

To you oh Tree, we bow.

We bow to your dignified stance

Whose widespread chest bears the mark of our axes.

You are the mother that unfailingly blocks the eroding earth

When torrential floods sweep down from the hills.

The fire in your maternal heart is always lit

To plan the annual storage of nectar from the skies.

We touch your feet, oh, nourishing mother.

We bless our eyes as tears stream down

A humble prayer to you.

We mutilate you again and again

We sell you for profit of Black and Yellow Metal

Yet your floods of mercy continue to rain on us

To you oh Tree, we bow.

With patience you control the forces of wind, sun and rain

The nourisher of us, beings, who are

Ingratitude personified from head to toe

What do we give back to you?

Only our axes and our fires !

You will bear with us, wont you?

And yet, alas, will Mother Nature tolerate ?

Or will she turn her Fiery Eyes on us ?

Glowing with terrifying censure, utter


enlarged amabahouse main strip
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