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The Eyes That Droop With Love Sublime

Awesome figure, so gentle a walk
Thus he enters the room.
Fragrance of silence spreads everywhere
As he takes the Seat, for all.
Mevlana is in the presence
The words for me, just melt
For the heart tells the mind
ush my dear, go rest in peace.
Here, there is no work for you.

In the circle of Man we nod our heads
Affirming the presence of the Great.
Our arms stretch forth to one and all
Throbbing love goes from me to you.
The body sways to notes from the East
Easing our cares away.
We rise with our leader and make the rounds
The drum beats form the runway.
The lower self dissolves in the higher
There is no two only just One
The upper palm receives the blessings
The lower just gives it away.
For him, I see that no one is special
For all are special near, indeed
The eyes that droop with Love Sublime
Never really, can look at you.
The face ever ready to break into smiles
When it does, the glow so distinct
Sends forth rays that tell me
All that he is seeing is that
God is here and now.

The whirling intense as the music lifts up
I see quiet kindness at work
As the master gently lifts the sleeping babe
From the shoulder of the swift whirling dad.
When all is quiet, the music has stopped
As he shares words of wisdom and love
Gods creatures it seems rejoice with him
As we hear the harmony from frogs.

The desire is lit in me to go
To learn the Whirl- Divine
So once again I find myself
With others of similar kind.
With the patience of a father
He guides us through
Prayer, attitude and move
As we all twirl in love
Towards the One, high above
Who is really the closest to you.

A blessing indeed, my first Zikhr is one
With so humble, loving truly great
Keeper of the Flame, a precious tradition
Mevlana, everything is safe
For here is a man who means what he says
I am no different from you!
He leaves the arena, just as he came
As soft as a gentle wave
But the fragrance of the special flower in Paradise
Remains and still remains.

Dedicated to Postneshin Jelaluddin Loras.
May I never take for granted that one who has graciously allowed us to call him

April 5 2011, Petaluma, California

enlarged amabahouse main strip
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