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The One Clay

To spread words on a sheet
An easy thing indeed
The tongue can wag away
Profound truths in a sway
This then is man
The outside alone
The inside still bruised
From tales long ago
Paddling through life
Fearing losses of a kind
Defending one’s frame
With logic’s long reins
The flavors of emotions
Now turned rancid with time
Making it so hard
Even to create a smile.

Is it not the same clay
The stuff that thoughts are made of
Now reason, then wonder, now mercy, now hate?
The clay is still the same
The shapes are what we make
Kneading, rolling, cutting, forming
Thoughts, emotions, ideas, feelings
So why not shape that which endures?
Boundless love throughout the spheres
Release the valves and let the sap flow
The inner essence that makes you glow!
So what do you lose?
It’s the highest gain you know
When you lose yourself each time
When you see a face divine.

Santa Rosa
Nov. 21 2009

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