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Who Really Falls in Love?

The human being neither rises
Nor does a fall come to be
All that ensues
Is a side by side let’s see.
I need you, you must need me.
Balance the equation or else misery.
My welfare in your hands.
Yours? Sure when pleased.
My path is red while yours is green.
Shall we keep it that way
Individuality reigning supreme?

A tiny dot in the substratum
Yearns and struggles to be
Pushing through the network
Catching the light with gleam.
First brown, then yellow, next pale green
Growing taller, spreading wider
Getting fuller at the seams.
Harnessing food for one and all
Rejoicing in giving it seems.
The term is over, the job well done
The eyes turn inward, Love has begun.
The fever of passion dries the very sap
A love that says
“I cant take anymore of that!”
Consumed by fire, its hue well scorched
Yellow, red then brown and finally the black.
A gentle wind is all that it takes
The Fall below consummates
The Lover and the Love blend into one color
Soon no one can tell One from the Other.
That indeed my friend
Is the True Love Fall!

Foothill Regional Park
Windsor Oct 15 2009

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