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Today a pillow will not do
I need a shoulder for my head
A shoulder that knows
The Call of the Spirit
And the weight of Life below that’s dead.
Today the feather and the flock won’t go well
The dove aches to follow the eagle
A bird that knows how to circle from above
And not fear the perils of evil.
Today the leaf will not fall to the earth
For the wind will take it away
The child who follows to catch the leaf
Will simply go astray.
Today the fire will not spread its flames
No forest trees to be burnt
It only knows to rise to the top
No sideway trip that hurts.
Today the river stops flowing above
It burrows its head in the mud
A veil to be drawn forever from all
To conceal the tryst with its love.
Tonight the firmament will look in awe
The stars putting on their best
To bid farewell to that one shooting friend
Who decided to go down instead.

Nov. 4 2009
Santa Rosa
At the prospect of an organic change

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