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October 31 - Election Sorrows

Tis two nights before election
And I’m not able to sleep.
I am no candidate.
I have no political needs.
All politics is local.
Petaluma is on the brink.
I can feel it in the air.
A scary night indeed.
It is Halloween!
Ghosts, goblins, spooks of every kind
Many of whom have been running ahead of this time,
Baton twirling promises to general mankind.
These are days I wish I had no mailbox, not even an address.
For colorful poisons are stuffed here every day,
Only to be thrown into the trash.
So many are being drawn into this circle of bad karma.
The printer, the artist, the funder, the leader.
And even I am now contaminated by the mere touch and sight.
California is having nightmares on such a scary night
Of Sanctity being ripped off
From the Body of Freedom and Democracy!
This mind loaded with such sorrows,
Is looking forward to the day,
When I walk again the streets of this beautiful city
And not see a single scar that says
VOTE FOR……………………….!

Vasanti Jayaswal


Oct 31 2010

enlarged amabahouse main strip
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