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From Where to Where

Sitting in the parking lot
Listening to the church bells chime
It is indeed vesper time.
Whizzing of the passing cars
All drive by me, really fast
Homeward bound, on their minds.
Music that I cant deny
Piercing straight into my soul
Oh, where to where shall I go?
No curtains here for drawing close
For Technology leads the way
To Economy, to whom we pray.
There was a time, not long ago
The church stood high, above all else
All activities promptly came to rest
When the first sound from the House of God
Awakened man to shed his past.
Again and again the mind soared up
While tracing steps towards the High
The gentle hand of music-notes
Helping man, forget the Below.
Alas these notes calling to my soul
Made irrelevant by man's ego
His aimless love is taking me away
From the One to whom, I really care to pray
Oh, where to where shall I go?

(Windsor, June 2 2009)

enlarged amabahouse main strip
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