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The Creek

MAY 5 – After a couple of days of good rain in Santa Rosa

Victory, this morning
The royal chamber* is celebrating
The creek behind my dwelling
Towards its goal a-rushing
Full of the waters of life
Louder and louder she roars
Bypassing the cars for once in sound
That ply the 101 road.

I can smell her from my window
Her fragrance blending
With the green of the trees newly washed
And readied for our breathing.
Oh, Sonoma*, now my eyes do know
What they missed all along
While travelling to and fro
The fragrance that is true
Only now completes the show.

Rain, the precious blessing from above
The Reward, when man gives of himself
For the welfare of all
That occupy the space
In this vast, vast beyond.

Hark to the sounds of the creek
A continuous roar it is not. Listen!
In waves it comes and pushes away
Our toils and our cares
Rolling over rocks and pebbles
As if to say "I dare!"

They say a coward dies many a time
Then surely that I must be
For I die to my Self each time
When Nature bares herself to me.
Sights, sounds, scents and touch and
The taste of Infinity.
Nothing compares to the Original Recipe
For me, the Real Thing, indeed.

Now I truly know, why I say
The River is my soul
Her journey to her beloved,
Sometimes still, sometimes slow
In her anxious flow
Often letting others know
Proclaiming with her music and roar
That others can avail of her and more.
Now I truly know, why I say
That the SI of the scale* is my very soul
For it is the River that leads
In joyful agony
To rest in the final Doe.

* the mind
* Sonoma= native american word meaning shaped like a nose
* music scale- do re mi fa.......

I probably should add- ONLY TO START ALL OVER AGAIN!
MAY 2009 Santa Rosa

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