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The Crystal of Bliss

Into the soil of infinite rewards,
Guided by the loving hand of the Mother of us all,
Tenderly a seed was placed by me.
The Five Principles took over,
With the Sixth one, my care.

The seedling shot straight up and grew
Day by day, few leaves at a time,
Over the years, luscious and green.
The sugar cane plant was ready it seemed.
In an act of yagna it was released.

The earth let go of its grip.
Said the plant, “I am ready for you.”

Bit by bit, step by step, the plant was rendered fit.
The juicing that began, into streams it ran.
A quaff was all I took.
I could'nt take anymore
As I wished for those who loved, the Mother,
To partake of the Bliss, as I did.

I looked up at the visible lord,
Surya, who has been with us so long.
Swiftly descended his emissaries.
The transformation took place so fast.
There lay before me shining and sweet,
The Crystal of the Mother's Delight.
That never ending source of bliss
There is plenty for all, you see!

Oh, by the way, that Sip?
It continues, TO BE.

Vaasanti- Sept 2008
Poem written in connection with the Uttama upasana of the Devi Mahatmyam undertaken by four students in North America, year 2008

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