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The Healthy Way

How does one absorb a different culture and heritage in a healthy way? Slowly. Dallying with another culture, especially ancient cultures, one must be alerted to analyze what this attraction is all about. Here are some reasons for this attraction.

1. The individual's upbringing in the culture of his birth or otherwise lacks certain important qualities. Remember deep inside we all crave for fulfillment.

2. Some karmas/actions from previous lifetimes are coming to fruition.

3. Some vaasanaas (inborn tendencies) carried over from previous lives have now found their field.

4. Influence from media and fashion.

Often there is a mere mimicking of the alien culture. Such involvement leads the person away from his true self. Immigrating to another land, marriage, religious institutions and conversions are often triggering forces for this change. However, if taking in of another culture is slow and its external manifestations only incidental then there happens a deepening and an enrichment of the person's personality. His core is strengthened and rendered beautiful. His comfort with other cultures will be genuine. What is happening here, I feel, is what I call the initial steps to a Global or Universal Being. He does not need to be a world-traveler for this to happen. Such a seeker will be able to assuage his personal heritage DNA mix and at the same time be appreciative of the rituals and beliefs originating from another clime. His own culture will be an adornment not a golden shackle on his growth. His absorption of other cultures will be as a result of osmosis. He will remain a whole personality and not a fragmented one.

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