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Being Alert About Your Children Means Stay Open-Minded

We are introducing Tratak for young children in our Heritage of India classes. Too often very young kids are being asked to wear eyeglasses because they cannot focus. Once again dependency on externals seems to be the instinctive remedy in the West. Yeh, great sales for the eyeglass industry right? Young parents are falling for this unaware of what self help ways are available. Tratak, a form of yoga for the eyes can be started pretty early to avoid and alleviate this condition in most children. Early signs of arthritis in children! This is due to the increased level of hayaasana that children are subjected too. The number of hours that children have to sit in hayaasana position in chairs at school, in the car, at the dining table, doing homework, at the PC, etc all contribute to this. Encouraging floor positions, gymnastics, and active sports on a regular basis can help.

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