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Those Who Care to Know - Religious Foolishness

While researching the seal of the city of Petaluma and later while working on the symbolism behind weaving in ancient traditions, I became fully convinced that political actions taken by religions that consider Jerusalem as the holy city (proven city for war) have successfully thrown “the baby with the bathwater”. If there is such thing as corporate greed, then the greater greed as evidenced by history is religious greed. This greed is evidenced in both the history of the West and the West. Modern times we have fanaticism which breeds religious zealots, a form of this greed. TV Evangelism is another form. Temples hoarding wealth while playing upon human needs are found all over. Jewelry, books, holy waters, religious artifacts, chain letters are great merchandising avenues for this greed that preys on human frailties.

If indeed Jesus was a person endowed with extraordinary divinity then no one should not say “ He died for our sins”. His rigor mortis continues, therefore, it is far better to think of him as still on the cross receiving nails that are being hammered day in and day out by those who have and continue to destroy ancient belief systems and have also choked the natural need to bond with the Spirit Feminine!

Also, it is time to stop flying the flag of the “One God ”. The very fact of considering the number One means that one is stuck with numbers. The Divine being reduced to the word God was man’s foolishness and on top to give the divine a numerical identity was also man’s greater foolishness. The straw that broke the camel’s back is the negligence, haste and the irresponsible manner in which scriptures (works of man perhaps divinely inspired) were translated from one language to another.

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