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Featuring the Works of Vasanti Jayaswal

"I do not wish to be considered any higher than any other sadhaks. I feel like I am a fellow traveller (sahacharee) that is accompanying, helping and being there for those sadhaks that reach out to me.

When they no longer need me they will go their way. Being very alive to the kingdom of the Divine, I am not interested in establishing any swami/guru/baba/ amma dom for myself. I feel very much a part not apart from the Whole."

Your journey is yours Alone
The Pathway is your making
But as you go, there by your side
Hush! Footsteps accompany.

Matching your gait, one by one
A skip, a jump, a turn or drag
Leading you to YOUR DIVINE CORE
Coating with love an oft bitter-sweet truth
Hidden in the words from Beyond

Engaged in the never ending churn
Of connecting the All Around
To the steady Rod within.

The One whose raiment keeps changing
Custom ordered by you, none other
That human companion
Stepping no more,
In silence will remain behind
Only when you rendezvous
With your Eternal Kind

Sahachari Vasantiji

enlarged amabahouse main strip
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