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Amba House Recommendations

1. Ratrisuktam - Shortest course. Good for those who cannot sleep at night. Recommended primarily for those who have minimal exposure to Indian thinking.


2. Ganapati Upanishad - Good beginner’s course. Upanishad reveals Vedic thought. Ashta avatara section is an excellent tool for personality rehabilitation. Good for murthi and non murthi upasana.

3. Hrellekha (Hreem mantram) - Short course. Samkhya thinking included. Good for murthi and non murthi upasana of Devi.



4. Shri suktam - Good for those who value sound family life and all round prosperity. Vedic approach to Shri therefore primarily suited for non murthi upasana.

5. Sarasvati Hridayam - Excellent for those who value wisdom. Profound Vedic thoughts. Primarily suited for nonmurthi upasana.

6. Shrilalita sahasranama - Long course. Excellent for those already into the saguna and nirguna worship of Devi. Not recommended for those who have no exposure to Indian philosophy.

7. Shri Rudram - Long Course. Excellent for those afflicted by fear and sorrow. Profound Vedic thinking. Primarily for nonmurthi upasana.

8. Ushas Suktam - A short course that aids in directing one's energy and wisdom right from the moment of waking up in the morning.

9. The Devi Mahatmyam* - Hidden Truths Series. A long course that involves Devi upasana, Tantra and Sankhya darshana. Best to study one part a week. Excellent for Navaratri observation.

  • Vedic Thinking - refers to truths and thought processes beyond geographical, cultural and time bound barriers.

  • Murthi Upasana - refers to deity worship.

  • Non murthi upasana - Beyond deity worship.

  • Saguna - The Divine projected through attributes.

  • Nirguna - The Divine as seen not limited to attributes.










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