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COVID Becomes a Real Selfie

The largest phone, smarter than all others,

With features unimaginable,

Built by an unseen yet powerful company,

Is held now in the palm of all,

That inhabit this blue marble.


A phone that has in its memory,

All that man has engaged in.

From the days of the industrial revolution.

He has arrogated the privilege,

Of his status as human,

By getting drunk on his own powers.


The cycle of predictable seasons now broken,

Invites cataclysmic lashes from Nature.

The soil and waters all providers of nourishment, 

Unrecognizable due to misuse and abuse.

The ties that connect all humans,

Into close knit families and orderly communities,

All now, torn into minute shreds


Petaluma Nov 2021

enlarged amabahouse main strip
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