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In The Arena of Love Divine


Along With The Mountains And The Rocks-By Yunus Emre




Along with the mountains and the rocks,


I call upon you, oh my master.


Along with the birds at dawn,


I call upon you, oh my master.


With the fish deep in the water,


With the gazelle in the desert,


With the Abdal saints who call on you,


I call upon you, oh my master.


Along with Jesus whose eyes are turned to the sky,


With Moses on the sacred mountain,


With Asa who had the staff in hand,


With Job who was in so much pain,


With Jacob whose eyes were crying,


With the loving Muhammed,


I call upon you, oh my master.

Along with Yunus, the reader of languages/ communicative expressions,

With the doves and the nightingales,

With loving servants of the truth,

I call upon you, oh my master.




Yunus Emre sees the hand of God in nature. Their very presence seem to instill in him a call to the Supreme Guide and Master. He resonates with the calls made to Heaven by many a Biblical personage and Prophet Muhammed. Yunus understands the languages of the birds. Together with the peaceful doves, the songs of the nightingales and the company of those devoted to the Divine, Yunus calls on God.

Most translations and opinions are that “asa” refers to the rod/ stick that Moses carried. I personally think different. Throughout this poem Yunus assigns only one line for each person or entity. It is not possible that he would in all fairness assign two lines for Moses. Familiar with the Bible to some extent, I remembered the name Asa. In researching I found that King Asa, who was against idolatory, went around with a rod smashing altars, idols and temple pillars ( refer Chronicles section of the Bible.)



Dağlar ile, taşlar ile,
Çağırayım Mevlâm seni.
Seherlerde kuşlar ile,
Çağırayım Mevlâm seni.

Su dibinde mahi ile,
Sahralarda ahu ile,
Abdal olup yahu ile,
Çağırayım Mevlâm seni.

Gökyüzünde İsa ile,
Tur dağında Musa ile,
Elimdeki Asa ile,
Çağırayım Mevlâm seni.

Dertleri çok Eyüp ile,
Gözü yaşlı Yakup ile,
O Muhammed mahbub ile,
Çağırayım Mevlâm seni

Yunus okur diller ile,
O kumru bülbüller ile,
Hakk'ı seven kullar ile,
Çağırayım Mevlâm seni.


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