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A New Breed of Drivers in Petaluma

Intersections in this city so beautiful to behold,
When pedestrians pause, drivers would look,
Both assessing intentions before making their move.
Every now and then a smile,
would burst on the face of a driver
When two faces interact,
Eyes interlocking in the intervening space.

A new phenomena seems to have appeared,
Where many an intersection now, a hazard it is.
Cars barely stopping,
As to whether they see ?
Oh, for goodness sake,
Avoidance of looks is the newest game.
Deliberate turn of the head, to straight ahead,
Or better still, the other way!
Then stepping hard on the gas they fly,
As if on a mission impossible, that’s why.
Shall I profile this new breed of drivers?
90% all women, age no barrier.
Strange to me it is.
Seeing is believing!


Extremely grateful am I now,
When using crosswalks,
Aware still of a possible threat to my life.
Yet seeing those that stop their vehicles,
While obeying the laid down laws,
Full of concern towards a vulnerable human,
I heave a sigh and walk.


Petaluma Sept 2021

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