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Turkish ashiklars, lovers of the Divine, have an intense love for the personal God and a sharp awareness of the Absolute Truth that is beyond human comprehension. This combination flowed into copious out pourings, in the form of mystic poems, which they often rendered in simple regional melodies. Years later these poems were fitted with classical melodic modes, Makams, by musicians. Thus resulted the wide world of Ilahi music. These composers have provided a bond between the words and the notes resulting in breezes that waft the fragrance of the poetry.


My personal journey, an ongoing rendezvous with the Divine, keeps me going through the lush woods and forests of multi faiths and disciplines. My venture into Turkish music has occurred in the Fall Season of my life on earth. Through the study and practice of these ilahis, and sharing them with others via zoom sessions, I find myself cascading like a waterfall, tumbling into the wide expanse of the receiving waters of the poetry of the ashiklars, set to beautiful melodies.


I therefore wish to share my joy received from Ilahi singing and studying. The approach is colored as a born and practicing Hindu, who has been a recipient of direct teachings from spiritual leaders of many different faiths. I have tested relevant teachings and practiced associated disciplines, simply to assist in the ongoing transformation of my own nature and to solidify firmly, my place in this divine creation.


I would recommend the reader to get familiarized with my love and involvement with Turkish Music by first perusing Poems under Mystic Turkey and an article on Yunus Emre, all on


In this section I present to you selected Ilahis, one by one. The English translation is only an approximation. I have consulted many books and the internet for both translations and the lyrics. Having by now studied so many Ilahis, I have gained an insight into the mystic minds of the ashiklars. Sometimes I have paraphrased or written a commentary that follows very closely to the gist of the song. A sample of the Turkish lyrics follows which concludes with an audio of my singing.


New songs will be added from time to time.


Constructive comments are more than welcome. May I be forgiven for any mistakes that may have occurred.

















Vasanti Jayaswal, Petaluma







The foundation for any form of accomplishment in my life has been laid down with bricks in the form of teachings from and interactions with, living sources. In the field of Mystic Poetry and Music are the following to whom I am very grateful for their teachings and some for their moral support.


Tui Wilschinsky, Universal Dances of Peace, Sebastopol


The late Postneshin Jelaluddin Loras of the Mevlevi Order of America


Timuçin Çevicoğlu, Musicologist


Osman Öksüsoğlu , Musicologist


I am indebted to all those who have been attending the Mystic Music Sessions, especially the following.


Aisha Morgan- Reciter of the Translations


Elif Ozhan


Rashmi Rao


Sipu Jayswal


Melanie Pinkhert


Seth Howerton- IT Support, Web Master






1.Yunus Emre , the Sufi Poet in Love – Zekeriya Baskal


2.Turkish Sufi Poems- Zeki Fındıcoğlu


3.Yunus Emre and his Mystical Poetry- edited by Talat Sait Halman


4, Quarreling with God- Jennifer Feraro and Latif Bolat


5.The Drop that became the Ocean-Kabir Helminski and Refik Algan


6.The Architect of Love, Niyazi Misri- Ersin Balci


7.The Poetry of Yunus Emre- Grace Martin Smith


8.Yunus Emre Divani-Buket Altoparlak


9.Hanımlara Gönül Bağından=Yüksel Esser





Mystic Poetry and Music from the land of Türkiye



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