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Worship of Man







Friday, sacred to the goddess,

Calls for prosperity and wellness,

Eagerly sought by Hindu women,

Who flock to the temples

Bearing flowers, fruits and more.

Here is where transactions are made

All in the name of god.



Abandoning western clothes

The men folk arrive in haste

Wearing long robes and caps

The mosque for once is full.

Standing and kneeling alternate

As prayers are sent to heaven.






Saturday, the Shabbath queen has arrived

Adorned with the yamaka

Men enter the synagogue

Shawls are worn, teflins are fixed

Music, dance and sacred meals

Make the day so holy.







That one day in the week

Reserved for god, Sunday

Families dressed in their best

Line the pews of the church

A place of much social events.


This rosy picture in the house of God 

Never stays the same anyway

The attendance can plummet

When a favored mullah, rabbi,

Or even a priest or minister

Is no longer there.

This makes me ponder.

Who are we praying to ?

Is it to the source of our existence,

The Creator Supreme ?

Or are we just seeking favors

From the chosen, popular go in betweens?


Alpharetta, July 2022

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