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A Third Door Opens

A Third Door opens to the presence of Allah

Singing sweet ilaahis with others and Hoca.

         The threesome of fingers, the drum and the sound

         Unravel knotted threads of the heart one by one.

Drowning in the spirit and the voice of Hoca

Memories of a wholeness and a state that seems so lost.

        Ensemble sets the pace for the We and not just for Me

        Together one with one, melody is all we see.

A colorless presence of the One we all know

Comes alive in the struggle of each and every note.

       “ I’ ve given you the tongues, many colors, many shapes

        For you to enjoy, you’ll never tire of Me!”

The unseen threads of such universal tunes

Link inner cry of mankind, no tears to be seen.

       In such small ways we give life to the songs

      Of  Yunus, Niyazi, Ismail and Nesimi

The mystic power of the words of the bards

Crossing land and sea, piercing earth, rise to the skies.

      The silent sigh after each ilaahi

      Is the blessing from above

     Falling soft as the dew.

We imbibe through music, the waters of such Love

Organic change has taken root forever now.

       With a boldened fear I had opened this door

       Clutching only the passport of love for the Lord.

In the room so Divine, I look around to find

No doors or walls, only Light and the Love.


Written after the experience at the Turkish Mevlevi music workshop in Portland, June 2011. 

Vasanti ( June 29 2011- Petaluma)

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