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Sri Lalita Sahasranama

- Long course. Excellent for those already into the saguna and nirguna worhsip of Devi. Not recommended for those who have no exposure to Indian philosophy.

Om Gum Ganapataye Namah
Introduction to Lalita Sahasranama study course - Level 1

May the Divine Mother shower her blessings on you who have the initiative to undertake this sadhana of studying the glory of one of her names - Sri Lalita The Lalita sahasranama and Vishnu sahasranama are the two most popular sahasranamas recited by Bharatiyas not only in Bharat but also outside. Sri Lalita's thousand names are recited with devotion in temples but also in homes. It is recited by great scholars as well as the grihastha. Anyone one is eligible to recite this. As the saying goes the knowledge about this when offered "may be received even from the chandala". Thus these lessons in the Giving and Taking of Her Glory is substantiated.

In this religious history of Bharat spiritual knowledge had been restricted for many reasons from the general public. The practitioners of Sanatana dharma are spreading beyond the confines of Bharat. The increasing pull of a rapidly changing technological world is exerting pressure on individuals and families. There is growing confusion among roles for men and women. There is a constant warping of ethics and an increase of inconsistencies that seem to inhabit many a propagator and temple of dharma today. The seekers are left with a deep sense of cynical vacuum. This vacuum can be filled only with knowledge based on the devotion that has been tempered by honesty. These lessons are a humble attempt towards this goal.

Very often prayers are recited mechanically. When even a hint of its meaning dawns on us we begin to appreciate its relevance to life's experiences and are overcome with gratitude to the legacy left by our rishis. A scale in the hands of a child can be used to create that which can not only help himself but also others. So too, the Lalita Sahasranamam is a tool whose usage will vary with the competency and flavor of the individual. These lessons are intended for kindling a fire of understanding which will undoubtedly grow in each one of you. Its nature to be colored by you, its effect of peace within and without to be experienced.

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